Business Continuity Services


Today, companies are expected to be accessible on a regular basis. There are no excuses. Any downtime has the potential to ruin your entire reputation and cost you a thousands of dollars in lost income, or even shut your business down. While some companies might have capabilities to tolerate a few hours of downtime, what might happen if the outage is major, maybe lasting for weeks?

With lots of natural and man-made disasters threatening your data and infrastructure, you need to develop a proper plan to avoid unexpected disruptions. SolveMyPC, an IT support company in Chicago, provides business continuity services and recovery solutions to rapidly recover and restore all of your systems and data, so your business can remain operational even after a disaster occurs.

SolveMyPC is headquartered in Chicago, and is a small, privately help corporation. Our smaller size, creativity and flexibility yield immense benefits to all our clients. Our main objective is provide IT solutions to our clients in a precise, timely manner. This includes listening to, and understanding all of our customer needs and prerequisites.

We are service-oriented, responsive, and creative which helps our customers leverage and grow their own capabilities.

Business resilience through proven expertise

SolveMyPC is a trusted provider of software asset management services and solutions. Our business continuity services have helped a number of enterprises to identify and protect their IT-enabled business processes through comprehensive and unique services that provide global coverage. With our services, we have been able to support even the most complex business environments.

Our business continuity services have the flexibility relative to contract and billing terms. Our clients get help with the following:

  • Manage impending business risks
  • Protect their orders
  • Protect their revenue
  • Protect their market share
  • Protect their brand image and reputation
  • Data Center Management & Consolidation
  • Emergency Management
  • Facility Risk / Vulnerability Assessments
  • IT Disaster Recovery, and
  • Risk Management

What do we do?


SolveMyPC secures clients against certain compliance risks and identifies significant cost savings in software maintenance and licensing. We have been in the business for several years, and we have been providing independent and precise information when it comes to rightful use of commercial software licenses.

We deliver the best, most accurate practical guidance to help organizations mitigate risks. Our business continuity services helps our esteemed customers save millions of dollars in unnecessary maintenance costs and software license fees. Our services empower our clients to face the unexpected challenges with more confidence.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Consulting

Design and implement an incredible and more effective resiliency strategy with our IBM experts.

  • Assessment

We evaluate strengths and weaknesses and determine certain areas of potential risks.

  • Planning and design

Enhance your business resilience capabilities with our cost-optimized business and IT strategic design and planning.

  • Testing and planning

Test, execute, and validate disaster recovery measures and continuity plans on an ongoing basis.

  • Business continuity management

Minimize any impending business threats and improve availability while regulating entire operational expenses.

  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery

Unleash the powers of IBM’s disaster recovery and cloud backup services to manage the resiliency across your enterprise.

  • Disaster recovery

Safeguard all of your crucial business data and information and maintain your productivity. We are even able to limit much of your possible financial losses, especially during outage.

  • High availability

A very comprehensive approach to high availability on the organization, technology, and the processes involved.

  • Site and facilities

Design, plan, build, and manage flexible and cost effective resilient data centers and facilities.

  • IBM Customer Connect

Do you have an IBM customer already? If not, we can simply help you connect with IBM’s resiliency and business continuity.

What benefits do we provide our customers?

SolveMyPC lets you manage your IT estate with lots of confidence so that you can achieve the following benefits:

  1. Protect your organization’s reputation
  2. Maximize your entire IT investment
  3. Reduce any ongoing maintenance costs
  4. Predict and manage software licensing and capital costs
  5. Improve your organization’s operational efficiency
  6. Potentially determine security risks on your business
  7. Avoid any financial and legal risks of software non-compliance

We also advise our customers on proper strategies to develop and implement a Software Asset Management (Abbreviated as SAM) program from scratch. We, alternatively, can help if you lack in-house skills or resources to execute your SAM plans. Our experienced technicians take the guesswork out of attaining a sustainable SAM practice while applying a cost effective approach to do the task.

We always offer assistance and work with organizations that wish to benefit from a more effective and associated SAM. In reality, we also help organizations:

  1. Reconcile software installs
  2. Achieve software license compliance
  3. Identify, minimize, and manage associated risks
  4. Understand and manage contracts and software licensing in a more effective way
  5. Reach a controlled Effective License Position (ELP)

If you are interested in improving your business continuity plan, or need any assistance getting an incredible recovery plan, feel free to get in touch with us. Contact us any time you want our help for a complimentary, on-site consultation. We would like to hear from you and help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us as soon as you can.