Business Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

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SolveMyPC can protect your business by setting up routine backups of your data to a centralized location. And in the worst case scenario we can recover your data so that you can get back to business. If you already have a data backup or recovery system in place, we can test and perform audit checks to verify all points of recovery are possible.

SolveMyPC also offers HIPPA HITECH compliant backup solutions.  Secure, proper, and reliable backup solutions are very important for your business.  SolveMyPC can come and assess your business environment and design the proper backup solution.

In addition to data recovery, SolveMyPC provides solutions for disaster recovery.

SolveMyPC’s data recovery / disaster recovery solution providing:

  • Assessment
  • Business continuity requirements
  • Turn around in case of data loss
  • Turn around in case of business interruption
  • Design, implement and test solution

No doubt, without the right data availability, a business is prone to fail. Computers have become very important devices that aid in every business decision. However, the most notable benefit of computers in every company is that they are used to store data. With digital migration, it is very important to ensure you have the right mechanism to recover your data once it gets lost. Many companies use different methods to store their data. For example, some companies use traditional methods such as external hard drives and tapea to store the data. Other companies use NAS (Network Attached Storage), online storage among many other methods used to store data. Unfortunately, any method of data storage is prone to fail. For example, if you entirely depend on the internet to make sales, when the system crashes, it will paralyze everything and leave your business without its source of vital income. Thus, it is very important to have a data recovery measure that backs up all the databases, including those that have been remotely stored.

SolveMyPC is a Chicago based business data backup/recovery Company that has been providing data recovery services for years. We provide data recovery services to small, medium and large companies. We know that data is the backbone of every company, our data recovery is available 24/7 to rescue your critical data and also get the system running optimally.

Whether the data loss is caused by the system failure, vandalism, fire, or power failure our engineers will restore the damaged computer systems quickly, restore the data, and spare you company from the serious consequences of losing business data.

SolveMyPC will protect your business data by setting up backups to a centralized location. This ensures that all the data that you need is available anytime you need it. We have the most advanced technology that will ensure your business data remains confidential.

Causes of data loss

  • There are several causes of data loss. Some of the common causes are;
  • Accidental file deletion, formation and other errors related the user.
  • Damages caused by electrical events or power surges
  • Unreadable, corrupt or missing files
  • Damaged hardware that is caused by hard drive crash or RAID failure
  • Damages that are caused by malicious program or viruses

Fortunately, if you have lost your data, SolveMyPC engineers have the right equipment and experts to recover your data almost immediately.

What you should do when your business data storage system fails

Data loss arising from crash or environment can be frustrating. To protect any data that might have been retained and prevent further damage, you should avoid using the storage system immediately. If you keep the system powered off as you wait for the data recovery expert to arrive, you increase the chances of recovering the data.

SolveMyPC experts will perform immediate evaluation and diagnose the system in order to provide full analysis of the system failure. SolveMyPC experts will present a comprehensive diagnostic quote, time estimate, and a price as well as any other essential information regarding what is required to recover the data. SolveMyPC provides a full no recovery, no charge guarantee.

Reasons you should trust SolveMyPC with your business recovery needs

Although there are many data recovery experts in Chicago, it is always good to hire a reputable data recovery services provider. Some of the reason you should hire SolveMyPC include:

Professional services – we are business data recovery professionals in Chicago. We have been providing quality services for years. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced to guarantee quality services. We maintain quality assurance requirements with the guarantee to pay attention to every stage of data recovery.

Always available SolveMyPC data recovery experts are always available anytime of the day and any day of the week. Give us a call now and our experts will show up within 20 minutes to recover the data immediately.

No recovery, no charges – If we don’t recover your data, you don’t pay. We offer free consultations and estimates.

We can handle any situation – Whether you have lost you data due to user error, power surges, malicious programs, damaged hardware or any other reason for data loss, SolveMyPC experts can recover your data with 99% success rate.

If you have lost your business data, contact us now and our experts will show up to recover the data as soon as possible.