Google Apps


In today’s competitive business environment, reliability, trust, and security are all critical aspects of success. SolveMyPC has realized how important these aspects are to your business and has invested resources in proper tools to provide support to your office needs and requirements no matter the size of your company. We provide an array of flexible, yet simple services to help your employees collaborate. Today, the success of a business greatly depends on its ability to adapt to changes quickly. Our solutions are specifically designed to adapt to changes in technology and help you work better.

SolveMyPC is a firm that works with businesses in Chicago to help them achieve their goals. We offer an array of services for organizations that are already Google Apps users, or are considering using Google Apps. One major advantage with Google Apps is the constant product innovation, so there will always be fresh, new ways in which your organization can take advantage when using Google services. We can ensure that your company derives maximum value from using our Google Apps services.

As an industry leader, SolveMyPC offers Google Apps for business in a way that allows companies to seamlessly support adoption of Google’s innovative cloud-based solutions so that they can greatly profit from these robust mobilization and collaboration tools. We deliver a comprehensive Google Apps services that are not only mobile-centric, but inlcude the following benefits:

  • Service and support – We offer a full range of deployment and support services to assist your business plan and make it easy to use the effective solution across your workforce, alongside ongoing 24/7 training and support. Our mobile-centric approach will enable your business to use Google Apps services on mobile devices.
  • Total solutionSolveMyPC is your one-stop shop for a package of all the basic elements required to support an incredible cloud-based collaboration experience. Our broad portfolio of services for business helps build the “total solution” specially tailored to meet specific needs of your business, including simplified IT management and a new workforce experience that propels business growth.
  • Mobile expertise – even if you are just starting out, our company can help you build your business from the ground up, helping you achieve faster speeds and improved call quality so that you can collaborate effectively and get work done in less time. We evolve to meet the business demands of our clients, as we stay current on the latest technological innovations.


Google’s versatile toolbox enables business enterprises –large and small – to integrate cloud-based solutions. As a trusted business solutions provider, we offer a comprehensive approach accepted across all business areas. This, together with the flexibility of our services, helps deliver a perfect balance of collaboration and mobility required in today’s competitive business environment.

Google Apps introduces simple, yet powerful collaboration and communication tools for use by organizations of virtually any size, thereby helping businesses become innovative, productive, and increase their success rate. With Google Calendar, Google Sites, and Gmail, employees are able to stay connected to and work with each other easily. Moreover, with Google Docs and Google Drive, employees can share files and even collaborate in real-time regardless of where they are. Since the Google Apps service offered by Google, Inc. is a cloud-based solution, your employees can work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device while still retaining security and control.

Through our Google Apps services, we will help your business work together with other businesses using familiar tools you can trust. By providing Google Apps and other added services, we help businesses work the way they wish, offering great flexibility. Today’s employees are more mobile/decentralized. The growing need for robust office productivity, communication, collaboration, as well as secure file storage space for large and small businesses is a true reflection of the extent to which the nature of the work environment is changing. There is an ever-growing need for business solutions developed around mobile collaboration that is not only reliable, but also integrated. SolveMyPC is a major mobility and collaboration provider offering integrated Google Apps services across Chicago and its environs.