Help Desk Service


A help desk is defined as a resource created for users to contact if they are experiencing any kind of issues with their IT services. This resource center, which may also be called Managed Operation Center, designs multi-tiered trouble shooting solutions by utilizing personnel with widespread technical knowledge who are always available.

Basically, help desk services, like SolveMyPC, an IT support company based in Chicago will provide your company with a team of certified and experienced technicians who are prepared to help your users round-the-clock.

Several small businesses normally wonder if it’s ideal to have an IT help desk, or if they should depend on tech-savvy people to solve the issues. Typically the answer will depend on the size of the business. The following are some of the benefits of having an IT help desk:

  • It’s a single center to report problems

The IT help desk offers a centralized place where technical issues are solved. Employees do not have to worry about whether they should call a specific engineer, programmer, or a member of the IT support team. All they have to do is call the IT help desk. SolveMyPC offers well trained, experienced help desk technicians that are able to handle any problems.

  • Ticket generation

An IT help desk service like SolveMyPC is going to ensure that complications are promptly taken care of in the order they are received through generating tickets for the employees. This will also offer a time frame for when the issue should be resolved. For example, when there are just two tickets in the help desk queue, the employee is going to be certain that IT staff will timely address their issue.

  • Systematic approach to IT issues

Our help desk staff is trained on a set of procedures. This training offers a systematic approach for when they should handle technical problems. They are going to begin with the most familiar solution, and proceed from there. This is proven to solve issues much quicker.

  • Historical logs

The IT help desk may create a historical log of each and every issue they meet at the company. The document may be used then as some reference point should that particular issue arise again, since they’re going to be aware how the initial, similar problem was handled. Historical logs, furthermore, are also useful when an employee is experiencing an ongoing issue and requires contacting the IT department many times so as to settle the problem.

  • Proactive prevention

The IT help desk may use information which they collect on a daily basis in running performance reports. The reports may then show pieces of hardware or computer system which are experiencing issues. This gives the business the opportunity to be proactive about replacing the faulty hardware, provided this is factored within the budget, and not have to be worried about the system breaking down at an inappropriate time.

  • Performance surveys

It often may be not easy to accurately judge job performance. An IT help desk may manage this issue through sending out some automated surveys after a problem is concluded. When the IT staff, for instance, took a long period of time resolving the problem, or they behaved in an unprofessional manner, that’s going to be reflected in the survey.


Other benefits include:

  • Round-the-clock support is important in improving efficiencies through reducing time users spend in fixing problems or incidents.
  • Speaking with licensed and experienced technical support professionals usually makes the process resolving IT problems quicker and more simple.
  • Having a support system in place offers a smooth and simple way for users to get service while eliminating internal technical service requests that may reduce downtime for employees.
  • With different training, credentials, and experience our help desk technical specialists have enough resources to repair an array of errors, and not just the normal speed bumps.
  • Our help desk professionals also have experience operating with companies that are similar to your business, therefore they understand the vertical of your industry. This offers strategic benefit.
  • They do not only support users but also recommend tools making it easier to communicate as well as collaborate on tasks.

With the above numerous benefits and many others, it’s simple to understand why a business needs the services of SolveMyPC‘s IT help desk. We employ professionally trained and experienced staff to handle all your IT related issues.