Microsoft Exchange


For many years, firms have depended on Microsoft Exchange Server services for their business-class email. SolveMyPC is a 21st century company that offers Microsoft Exchange setup and services to allow you to simultaneously keep using other familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook & Office while enjoying the capabilities of next-generation cloud computing services and solutions. This also enables you to work anytime, from anywhere. The best thing about it is, since your workforce has already used the email applications from Microsoft Corporation, implementing Microsoft Exchange Online solutions will not disrupt your business operations.

Microsoft Exchange uses current technology to give businesses the latest capabilities such as:

  1. optional Conversation View
  2. built-in archiving
  3. MailTips
  4. and powerful Web-based management tools

All of these things enable seamless online operations.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange Server offers organization tools that use enterprise-class Unified Communications solutions such as calendar, email, Unified Messaging & contacts on the Personal Computer (PC), archiving, web, and phone. The latest server release boosts user productivity in a highly secure environment. Microsoft also provides this service in the cloud via Office Exchange 365 Online.


Why Use our Microsoft Exchange setup and services

  1. Always Online – Exchange Server will always ensure that communications are available, with high accessibility and control. We set up the service to ensure users can easily access their mailboxes from anywhere, with full support for Microsoft Outlook, offering an incredible web browser experience on virtually any device they use. We offer readily available disaster recovery using a built-in monitoring solution with managed availability that recovers data from failures automatically. This provides the following advantages for our clients:
    1. More uptime & support for multiple databases
    2. Simplified load-balancing that boosts scale and flexibility at a reduced cost
    3. Empowers users to increase collaboration using calendar sharing
  2. Secure and Compliant – Integrated functionality and low discovery costs ease regulatory compliance. Benefits include:
    1. Integrated functionality reduces discovery cost, easing regulatory compliance
    2. Mobile device policies that empower users to get rid of confidential data from lost handheld devices like phones
    3. Data Loss Prevention with enhanced discovery tools that search across Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
    4. Built-in protection for users across Microsoft Exchange
  3. Easy Deployment and Maintenance – Exchange Server has powerful features that will save IT personnel time by equipping its users with the newest tools that are guaranteed to boost productivity by:
    1. Simplifying the deployment process with custom easy-to-follow instructions for both installation and upgrades
    2. Tailoring solutions after choosing an online, on-premise, or hybrid solution
    3. Increasing manageability
    4. Using easy-to-use Exchange Admin Center with web-based interface
    5. Reducing storage costs by using larger, yet less expensive, disks
    6. Lowering management involvement, by providing more control through designated permissions

If your company is looking to develop a fully integrated and dependable unified communication experience, SolveMyPC can set up Microsoft exchange for you to allow your organization to connect and collaborate more effectively. Our specialized, custom managed services will complement your internal IT personnel, as a good number of midmarket companies don’t see the need to expend on a full-time employee in an effort to fill a Microsoft Exchange Engineer vacancy or position.

SolveMyPC’s approach to Microsoft Exchange services empowers our clients with a highly competent and responsive team of experts with affordable pricing.

  • Anti-spam filtering with constant updates to help protect against phishing and spam threats
  • A wide range of storage options allows organizations to provide users with bigger, more reliable mailboxes
  • Available as a “self-managed” server or one hosted by Microsoft whilst allowing you to retain control of settings
  • Support for the devices and web browsers you use, allowing you to work from anywhere

Enterprise & Business-Class Email

Built to deliver enterprise-grade security that businesses can rely on, our Microsoft Exchange setup and services support various browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, allowing your team to collaborate and work from anywhere. It also allows mobile sync to devices across different platforms, including iPhone, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and more. In addition, a unified approach to disaster recovery helps businesses achieve higher levels of reliability.

Role-based access control, web-based administration tools, and self-service capabilities allow you to quickly delegate tasks to various users without allowing them to fill admin rights, reducing the burden on internal IT staff and lowering overall operational costs.

Based in Chicago, SolveMyPC offers modern IT support to all businesses. To get started, call us today!