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The city of Chicago, Illinois went down in flames in 1871 losing many beautiful buildings. However the city quickly recovered from the dreadful incidence following erection of even more sophisticated commercial buildings immediately after the end of the 1870s economic recession.

The number of architects and engineers doubled in the first phase of 19th Century advancing the movement to a well-designed commercial architectural industry. With these developments, students from Chicago School delved in steel construction and subsequently incorporated plate glass. The result was the creation of the first steel building, the famous ‘Home Insurance Building’. There was a little problem though; the structure was wearing heavy stones and bricks posing threats of collapse.

What soon followed was the introduction of concrete, enabling erection of sky scraping building like the Masonic Temple which replaced the New York World Building as the tallest building in 1892.

The World Columbian Exposition that got underway in 1893 opened door of opportunities to many architects. As a result many of the current buildings in Chicago were erected in between this period, 1880 and 1905.

Chicago architecture has to a greater extent shaped the whole of the American architecture. It features famous buildings. What is striking is that each building design is different from the other but still stunning for their antiquity and originality.

In 1963, Illinois Institute of Technology was put together. They came about with framed tubes bringing more building technology to the market. What followed was an escalating number of stylish eye watering buildings.

Chicago is characterized by tall towering buildings from the Petronas Towers, Jim Mao Building to The famous World Trade Center.

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Between 1974 all the way to 1998, the city of Chicago played host to the world’s tallest building; Willis Tower (formally The Sears Tower). Indeed the city’s structures are famous all over the world giving tourists more reasons to come over.

The most renowned architects in Chicago in no particular order are Dankmar Asler, Daniel Burnham, William Holabird, Henry Hobson Richardson, Martin Roche, John Root, Solon S. Beman and William LeBaron Jenney.

Chicago offers a range of attractions sites running from museums to residential structures with a style that is not to be found anywhere in the world. Most of the buildings include up to over a hundred floors.

Some of the most remarkable buildings include Sullivan Center, Reliance Building, Gage Group Buildings, Auditorium Building, Brooks Building, Fisher Building, Leiter II Building and the well-known Marquette Building. It is absolutely the city to seek to visit when it comes to accommodation in light of the overwhelming world class managed services in hotels and restaurants around the city.

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