The Importance of Using Managed IT Services for Your Business

Since the introduction of computers and advancement of technologies, most information has moved from storage in manual form to computerized data entries. This technology enabled loads of information to be stored in files in a computer thus creating more space in offices and making reference easier. As technology advances, so do IT systems. Managed IT System can be defined as a system which enables companies to offload IT operations to a service provider, who then monitors, manages and solves problems that emerge as they take a twenty four hour responsibility.

Some businesses have their own service provider which monitors the companies IT services. However this task can result in various disadvantages for the business owner. We will discuss them below:

  • Handling your own IT system may be very expensive. Setting up the system, buying up-to-date devices like computers, hiring staff who are qualified or hiring a trainer and setting up space for the service requires a lot of money. Not only is the operation cost expensive but so is the maintenance. Therefore, it is advisable to outsource managed IT services to save money on these costs.
  • The service providers for managed IT services run the entire day and are able to detect and correct any problems immediately. On the other hand, a business that handles its own IT services may not be able to detect a problem until it is too late and has caused a malfunction or until a customer calls to notify them of a problem.
  • Once a business decides to handle their own IT service, they are limited to the knowledge they have and the little that they can get from research. This may make them compete unfavorably in the very competitive market with other companies that use managed service providers. This is because the knowledge used by the managed service provider is up-to-date and the are operating under these updated technology and therefore have an advantage.
  • A business may train its employees to be able to operate and manage the IT services of the company and this may drive their attention away from other tasks that are required of them. This can be avoided through using managed service providers as it will save on time and increase the production of the company by ensuring that employees focus on other important tasks.
  • It is common to have workers call in sick and fail to show up for work. Once this happens in a business that manages its own IT operations, the work load for other employees increases and this may result in errors. However, one does not need to worry about such things when they use a managed IT service provider. This is because they pay the service provider for quality services as it will fall upon them to find a suitable replacement.
  • Information can be stored on the service provider’s cloud where there is ample storage space, security and easy reference. If the system of the business is shut down due to a virus or a hack, they will lose all their data. But when using a service provider your data is continuosly backed up so it will not be lost.

All of these reasons make a clear argument as to why businesses are choosing professional managed services.

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