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Software is critical for any business and can be a crucial component in data analysis, social and security IT solutions. Your business won’t run as good when there is are serious issues with your software performance levels. Integrating your businesses’ many programs across your network is crucial. SolveMyPC can install and setup operating programs including accounting, CRM, and security software securely across your entire network.

Why hire an IT member on your staff, when you can always get a great Chicago software support service from us? One such service that stands out in helping businesses achieve their optimal software levels is our SolveMyPC software support service.

Our Software Support

A well integrated network with many different programs is a vital component in running your everyday business, like accounting, security, CRM, etc.

Our SolveMyPC software support service is able to provide you with a set of different computer programs that will enable you to do all of your usual business functions.

The use of our applications has proven to increase productivity, efficiency and precision with our clients.

Some of the software applications that are best suited for businesses can be bought from us and installed on your desktop computer or on a larger server, by some of our employees that are available at your service 24/7.

Business size

Our software services have proven their capabilities for providing software solutions to both small and large businesses with different software support managing systems.

Small business owners in Chicago can get the benefits of our software supports services using:

  • Home accounting software
  • Office suits, like and Microsoft Office

Large business owners can put their faith in our software support services and allow us to install a range of useful software solutions like:

  • Accounting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Outsourcing relationship management
  • Human resource management systems
  • Shopping cart software
  • Digital Dashboards
  • Reporting software
  • Data mining
  • Document management
  • Online analytical processing

This means that the size of business operations is not an issue when it comes to the expertise of our SolveMyPC software support services. We can provide highly trained professionals that are able find a solution to any problem you may encounter and fulfill every software need.

Choosing the right software

When it comes to choosing the right software for your business needs, we are equipped with IT professionals that can give a proper office assessment and determine how to optimize your business operations using software that would best suit your location.


Managed Software Services

Every business is in need of a constant, routine management of their network servers, computers, email client, internet, phone system and office scheduler, whether it would be installing, maintaining, tracking or upgrading with a better software.

We provide routine maintenance and diagnostics with backups and updates, in order to make sure that our client’s software is in perfect working order.

We can provide a unique network design plan that reaches the maximum potential of your IT system by designing a corresponding network that will reach all of your objectives and provide an uninterrupted business flow.

Office communication and software security

  • Email Support. The basis of communication is a well connected email network. By providing email support, our client’s businesses run more efficiently and achieve objectives in time.
  • Data Backup Recovery. The use of a centralized location with backups of your valuable data is a smart way to ensure that there won’t be any loss of time and money. We provide backup software solutions that can give you a specific secure design to suit your business needs. In case there is a need of major data recovery, we can perform disaster recovery that will implement special solutions so that you won’t have any further business interruption and ensure business continuity.

Why choose us

We have a philosophy that has been dedicated in providing only the highest quality of reliable software support service to our customers. Whether you have small or major needs, our SolveMyPC software support team is ready to satisfy them with experience, precision, and expertise.

Customer feedback

“I have been an entrepreneur in a small business for some time now and never had an IT expert on my team, but luckily SolveMyPC was quick to respond to every need and put their expertise to work and have been very helpful in suggesting the software I should use. I highly recommend them to every business owner.”

About Us

We have been a Chicago based software service since 2005 and have kept our reputation as a leading service that delivers IT solutions and software support to small or large businesses. With the motto of reliability, trust, and security we ensure that your business environment gets the promised expectations.

The specialties we provide range from software support, networking tech support, IT hardware, advanced level of certified surveillance and security systems, support of cloud, hosted and birtual environments, as well as Mac, PC, Server support both onsite and remote.

We offer a wide range of business services, including full services, support services, recovery and security, business surveillance, start-up services and technology training.