Business Video Surveillance Setup in Chicago


As most seasoned business owners will agree, there happen to be many instances where your establishment may be in need of an all-round business video surveillance setup. Such a move can significantly simplify the normally intricate security operations that come with running a business. These solutions offer you a comprehensive method of monitoring each and every single issue that is critical in making sure you can rapidly deal with any type of security breach. The following paragraphs will detail why you should choose SolveMyPC to setup video surveillance for your business in Chicago.

SolveMyPC is a Milestone Advanced Certified Partner specializing in Milestone Surveillance camera systems for your home, facility, parking lot, garage, office or wherever you need to protect your investments. We handle everything from estimating requirements to installation, configuration, daily usage and support. Contact us to find a custom solution for your needs.

Comprehensive video surveillance solutions for all businesses

Recently, organizations of all sizes have been implementing IP video surveillance. SolveMyPC offers diverse solutions that are specifically designed to cater to all types of business needs when it comes to effectively monitoring their stores, offices, or parking lots.

Unbeatable, valued services

The products we install are noted for providing superior image quality wjocj is indispensable in any business surveillance operation. By using HD and advanced Megapixel cameras our clients are able to access top notch image quality. These high resolution cameras offer a wider field of vision, which can substantially reduce the total number of cameras that is required in any installation. These products can also be configured to record the minutest of details.

Comprehensive video analytics

video-analyticsProducts such as the Milestone XProtect Express are seamlessly compatible with many 3rd party applications like video analytics and access control systems. All of which can be conveniently channeled to just a single user interface. When it comes to video analytics our solutions can effortlessly transform nondescript cameras into highly intelligent devices that can facilitate for a wide range of security services. This includes unerring motion detection, detecting stealing, facial recognition, automatic license plate recognition, and even virtual tripwire detection. Essentially SolveMyPC will convert these surveillance cameras into 24/7 virtual guards that are capable of raising alarms or informing system users of any security abnormalities or breaches that may occur on business premises.

Stress-free and rapid evidence gathering

Most of these software solutions also come with effectual video search tools, and at times, even multiple export functionalities. Which can facilitate for quick and hassle-free evidence gathering whenever the need for such vital actions arises. As mentioned earlier, SolveMyPC Chicago business surveillance solutions are specifically designed for each business establishment.

Unmatched ease of use

Our business surveillance solutions in Chicago will integrate video surveillance capabilities into your firm’s existing operations. They provide easy-to-use user interfaces that guarantee 24/7 seamless access to live and even recorded videos for all system users. Our solutions can extensively cut down on the costs that you would ordinarily spend on providing sufficient security to your establishment with other alternatives. In fact, most of our clients no longer rely on actual security guards because these surveillance solutions can accomplish most of the services these professionals offer.

For these reasons, if you are looking for an ideal business surveillance setup in Chicago, look no further than SolveMyPC. We have accrued a lot of experience and expertise in the installation of IP video surveillance systems in the Chicago area. We are a Milestone advanced certified partner. Milestone is undeniably one of the foremost companies in this industry. SolveMyPC specializes in the installation of Milestone products such as the earlier mentioned XProtect Express. By taking the time to contact us, you will put yourself in an excellent position to get accurate estimates of the surveillance gear your business needs to use these software solutions. We also undertake the installation and configuration of all the equipment and software you settle for.

Comprehensive business surveillance support

SolveMyPC will also be at hand to provide any kind of support you may need in the day to day utilization of these business surveillance solutions. Which, in the long run, ensures that every aspect of your business’s security is fully addressed, leaving you to focus on other critical issues of running your business. Contact SolveMyPC for a free estimate about business surveillance setup in Chicago. We are here to be your trusted partner in developing and growing your business.