Chicago Computer Home Services

SolveMyPC offers onsite and remote support for your home computer needs. Whether you need help with a PC and or Mac, SolveMyPC knows exactly how to help. We offer sound solutions and respect every home as if it were ours. SolveMyPC specializes in multiple areas of technology including hardware, software, networking and more. Call or contact to learn more on how we can help you today.


Full Service

Technology Advice

Should I buy a Mac or PC? What is Bluetooth?

It can be tough to find and select the best technology for your home. With so many different brands and formats to choose from, it’s easy to forget what you were going to do with your new computer in the first place.

Let SolveMyPC recommend a perfect solution to your technology needs. We can help you choose, assemble, install or reconfigure your new computer, hardware, software, printer, network, iPod, video game system or automotive technology.

Computer & Hardware Setup

Computer Setup

It is not easy to set up a computer. SolveMyPC can take the frustration out of the whole process and setup your computer from A to Z. We can help you pick the computer that is right for you, place the order and set it up and migrate your files and settings from your previous computer so you don’t have to.

Hardware Setup

Have the newest video-editing software but need the right hardware installed? Or want to play the most state-of-the-art video game? SolveMyPC can install and setup your hardware for maximum performance and reliability.

Viruses & Prevention

Virus Removal

Virus removal – Spyware removal – Malware removal

Viruses on your computer can be your worst enemy. They affect your computer’s performance, productivity, and security.  There are all sorts of malware, viruses, and spyware.  They all affect your computer in different ways, and with that, different ways to rid your  omputer from them.  SolveMyPCspecializes in cleaning computers from these pests.

SolveMyPC will:

  • Clean out all threats
  • Get security back in order
  • Setup and configure your antivirus software for maximum coverage

Software & Protection

Software Setup

The newest programs and games can come with some complicated instructions. SolveMyPC can install and configure your software and set it to update automatically to meet your preference.

Software Repair

If you software will not operate properly you could be missing files, updates/patches, etc. SolveMyPC can diagnose your software problem and get your programs working again.

Child Computer Use

Mac and PC: Everything and anything is on the internet, let us help you setup the proper protection and monitoring plan so that your children safely surf the internet.


Printer Setup

Having trouble installing your new printer? Want your printer to work across your home network? SolveMyPC can connect and setup your printer across a network to print from multiple computers, tablets, Smartphones or Bluetooth devices.

SolveMyPC can:

  • Deliver and install your new printer
  • Setup your printer via usb, wirelessly or bluetooth
  • Setup your printer to be shared by multiple devices
  • Setup your tablets to print
  • Setup scanning via wire, wirelessly or both

Printer Repair

Is your printer not printing? You can’t get the scanner to work? Or maybe you’re having trouble sharing your printer across a network? SolveMyPC can help you.

SolveMyPC can help with you get what you need out of your printer:

  • Help with the everyday printer issues
  • Help connecting your printer to your wifi
  • Help sharing a printer between mulitple devices
  • Help scanning from your printer wirelessly
  • Help configuring your printers ink consumption

No matter the printer issue, SolveMyPC is happy to help.


Computer Repair

Don’t let your computer’s bad behavior slow down your productivity. From strange noises to lack of speed, SolveMyPC knows how to deal with the toughest computer problems and fixes them the first time.

Hardware Repair

Broken laptop screen? Printer not working? Or maybe your printer won’t stop printing? SolveMyPC can fix your hardware and make your gear work again.

Recovery Services

Data Backup Recovery

The thought of losing your files, pictures, music, etc. after your computer crashes is a horrible one.  Before you panic, call SolveMyPC to assess your computer.  Our expert technicians have the tools and knowledge to recover data in some of the worst situations.  We can also set up your computer to automatically backup your files so you can relax.

SolveMyPC’s “Do NOT” list inregard to dataloss: (by popular demand)

  1. Do NOT assume your data is lost if your computer crashes (ex. PC won’t turn on, error messages, blue screen, etc.)
  2. Do NOT have the manufacture perform a reformat or reinstall of your system because of issues without making sure all your data is backed up.
  3. Do NOT dispose of your “damaged” hard drive without your data being securely deleted from it.
  4. Do NOT assume your computer is being backed up properly without having a tech support specialist audit your backup solution.
  5. Do NOT assume that your manufacture warranty covers data loss.

When it comes to data you care about, please take a moment before doing anything and call us. 888.300.9985

Making it all Work

Email Setup

SolveMyPC can set up your email account, have it sync with your smart phone and other email capable devices.  SolveMyPC can also help teach you how to use it all. Now you can check your email anywhere.

Computer Tutoring

Are you ready to solve the mysteries of technology yourself? Or maybe you and your family want to learn how to use a new program? Let SolveMyPC give you the knowledge and tools you need to handle any obstacle your technology throws at you. With our years of expertise, we can help even the most technologically-challenged individual become a master of their technology.


If you have multiple computers in your household, installing a network can enable you to share music, pictures and data. You can also connect with your printers, smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth and any other network-enabled device.

Internet Network

SolveMyPC can set up your computers, email, printers, smartphones, and compatible devices to share the internet and sync through a wireless, cable or DSL network. With this kind of connectivity, it is easier than ever to download photos, music, files, and data between multiple devices.

Internet Help

There are more ways to connect to the internet than ever before. SolveMyPC can help you set up the internet through a secure wireless or wired service and make sure your connection is running smoothly now and later.

Connecting it all

Gaming & Entertainment

Want the best online gaming experience possible? SolveMyPC can configure your favorite video game system including XBox, PS3, Wii to connect to a network allowing you play with others around the world. We can setup Netflix to work through your gaming system or setup your Blue Ray player to receive automatic updates. We can set up your video games to run through your brand-new entertainment system or have your computer output directly to your TV. Contact SolveMyPC to find your gaming and entertainment solutions.

MP3 Help

Is your CD collection collecting dust? Want to know how to transfer the music you just downloaded to an IPod or Smartphone? SolveMyPC can transfer your old music collection to your computer and to your IPod or mp3 player so you can keep listening to your favorite songs. We can also setup your audio to be shared across a network so that your family or friends can pick their favorite songs from a shared library.

Smartphone Connectivity

Want to put the picture you just took on your new Smartphone on Facebook? Or connect your Smartphone your vehicle? SolveMyPC can synchronize your Smartphone with any network so that your email, data, GPS, internet, music, video and pictures can all be easily accessed and shared between devices and the internet.


Your Bluetooth compatible device is a powerful tool. Let SolveMyPC show you how to get the most out of using Bluetooth by connecting your headset, mouse, GPS, laptop or vehicle for you.


Set up your Bluetooth or Smartphone to work with your car’s GPS, dashboard or audio system. We can even set up and program your garage door opener!