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The thought of losing your files, pictures, music, etc. after your computer crashes is a horrible one.  Before you panic, call SolveMyPC to assess your computer.  Our expert technicians have the tools and knowledge to recover data in some of the worst situations.  We can also set up your computer to automatically backup your files so you can relax.

SolveMyPC’sDo NOT” list inregard to dataloss: (by popular demand)

    • Do NOT assume your data is lost if your computer crashes (ex. PC won’t turn on, error messages, blue screen, etc.)
    • Do NOT have the manufacture perform a reformat or reinstall of your system because of issues without making sure all your data is backed up.
    • Do NOT dispose of your “damaged” hard drive without your data being securely deleted from it.
    • Do NOT assume your computer is being backed up properly without having a tech support specialist audit your backup solution.
    • Do NOT assume that your manufacture warranty covers data loss.

When it comes to data you care about, please take a moment before doing anything and call us. 888.300.9985

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