Common Networking Issues in Small Businesses


Having network issues can be detrimental to the health of any small business. After all, proper networking is a key element to every successful business. However, networking issues are quite common in businesses; both for small businesses as well as corporations. So, we have listed some of the most common networking issues business owners come across.

1. TCP/IP Protocol Problems

ISP based protocol issues are quite common. Most of these issues can be fixed by updating the document of your topology. If the issue isn’t configured, then the system is going to deny the communication over a said network. For instance, if your system cannot communicate with the DHCP server, the network will be disconnected because it delivers the required IP information.

2. Security Concerns

While it is true that most network intrusions arise within the confines of their own network, some do enter over other connections. Even today, with the technological advancement of security features, this issue is still one of the most common and continues to persist. However, firewalls and other detection systems are able to thwart security threats to a certain extent.

3. Credentials, Permissions and Rights

Lots of business owners do not understand the underlying issues. One of the most common issues are permissions, rights, and credentials. When improperly configured, these don’t allow the users to have access to the information even after logging in.

4. Performance

Generally, this is the most common networking issue small businesses face. The performance of the network can be bogged down by several reasons. The decline in performance most likely occurs when you buy the systems without taking into consideration the application you will be running across the network. In order to work properly, the application installed must be capable of transmitting and receiving the necessary data.

5. Initial Glitches

Glitches over a network are common while configuring the systems within the network. There are lots of things to be considered while configuring the network. Knowing a few things about TCP/IP can help and break the kink of connecting to a network. Also, getting familiar with the fundamentals can make it a whole lot easier.

Many small businesses in Chicago use our network services to address and prevent these issues.

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